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Bargain with confidence.

Get a better price...

...or get a better project.

Never lose a great remodeler over a few dollars.

Negotiate a better remodeling deal
with these "insider" techniques.

    I'll teach you exactly how to...

  • negotiate at the perfect moment

  • make requests that get "yes" answers 

  • offer only respectful "win-win" options

  • save thousands! ...OR...

  • ...improve your project quality


The goal is to further improve your project, or save more money.

Make offers remodelers will agree to.

really want you to succeed!

Hi! I'm

Author of the #1 Bestsellers

Learn my insider negotiation secrets and save thousands!

I'm sure you know how difficult negotiating can be. 

Successful remodeling negotiations can save you money and further improve your project. 

This class shows you WHEN to ask and HOW to ask for concessions so your remodeler will answer "yes".

You can easily save from $1000 to $5000 by applying my techniques or increase the value of your project by those same amounts on any project.


Get results you love with my classes!

It couldn't be any simpler...

Get a better price or get a better project!

Who knew that learning about remodeling could be so enjoyable?

Erik Ohlsen

Sebastopol, California

I saved $4,000 when we remodeled two old bathrooms! All I did was follow your method.

Wendy Van de Poll

Concord, New Hampshire

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The RIGHT WAY to prepare to remodel

    Create your Project Packet and...

  • Set a realistic project budget

  • Define what 'success' is for your project

  • Refine your project 'vision' & share it

  • Distinguish between 'needs' and 'wishes'

  • Communicate your vision to your pros

  • Easily organize all your project details

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This process is essential for a successful remodeling project!