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INTERVIEW & CHOOSE your ideal remodeler

I'm excited to share this insider information with you since it will make your remodeling journey easier and more successful. Let's get started interviewing and shoosing the very best remodeler for you!

    • Your 'mindset' while interviewing & choosing

      There's a mindset that helps you see your role in this process much more clearly. Only then can you lead the process and maintain control of the interviews and your project. This simplifies things greatly.

    • Your interview plan and checklist

      It always helps to know what to expect and to have a plan. In this case you will work out the meeting agenda, and use a checklist to be sure you cover everything important in your interviews.

    • Evaluate the proposals and select the best

      It all comes down to this. Making the final choice. Who will you work with and why? Just remember, when you select from a list of the best-qualified remodelers, be comforted knowing you can't go wrong.

    • FREE BONUS - Project Start-up Workbook

      The best possible way to begin ANY remodeling project is covered in the FREE BONUS download guide. Following the steps in this simple guide will eliminate critical mistakes, save you endless frustration, avoid overwhelm, and clearly communicate your vision of a successful result to your team of professionals! START HERE!


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