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All 3 quick classes.
The full monty!

I'm excited to share this insider information from my years in architecture and remodeling with you. It will make your remodeling journey simpler, less costly, and more successful.

    • FIND ideal remodelers to interview

      The hardest remodeling question for homeowners is "Who should I use and how do I find them?" You want to find the best remodeler for your project, budget and temperament. I show you how to find the very best remodelers to interview.

    • INTERVIEW & CHOOSE your ideal remodeler

      Homeowners know less about interviewing and evaluating remodelers than they know about FINDING them! I'll help you properly interview and evaluate your candidates so you select the best one for your needs.

    • How to NEGOTIATE your best deal

      I present the keys to successfully negotiating with your remodeler so that you get the best possible deal. Learn WHEN to negotiate, WHAT to ask for, WHY it works, and HOW to get the best price or the best project - either way you win!

    • FREE BONUS - Project Start-up Workbook

      The best possible way to begin ANY remodeling project is covered in the FREE BONUS download guide. Following the steps in this simple guide will eliminate critical mistakes, save you endless frustration, avoid overwhelm, and clearly communicate your vision of a successful result to your team of professionals! START HERE!


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