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Don't interview remodelers if you...

  • ...plan to "wing-it" during the interviews

  • ...have no written interview checklist

  • ...don't know how remodelers are different

  • ...have no written project vision

  • ...plan to use the guy the neighbor used

  • ...don't know how to rank remodelers 

  • ...have doubts about your success

  • ...are afraid to control your own project 

  • ...hope and pray you make the right choice

Eliminate "horror-story" results, make the right choice.

Instead, choose the right remodeler by...

  • Preparing like a "Boss"

  • Assuming and maintaining control

  • Asking the right questions

  • Using an interview checklist

  • Properly evaluating their proposals

  • Building a team focused on your vision


Find the ideal remodeler for your project and personality.

Build a professional team focused on your project vision.

the very best remodeler.

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Author of the #1 Bestsellers

Remodelers often "take over" the initial meeting and try to steer the entire process. But this class trains you to maintain control of your project.

I teach you to prepare for interviews, what to ask, and how to evaluate different remodeling proposals.

This class helps you CHOOSE your ideal remodeler from your existing shortlist of qualified candidates.

Get results you love with my classes!


It couldn't be any simpler.

Never let anyone else choose your remodeler for you!

This process saves time, energy, countless mistakes, and thousands of dollars. It's such a great resource.

Elenah Kangara

McKinney, Texas

I was skeptical just how good an internet remodeling class could be. But it really delivers!

Cheryl Smith

Victorville, California

FREE BONUS download 
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    The RIGHT WAY to prepare to remodel

    Create your Project Packet and...

  • Set a realistic project budget

  • Define what 'success' is for your project

  • Refine your project 'vision' & share it

  • Distinguish between 'needs' and 'wishes'

  • Communicate your vision to your pros

  • Easily organize all your project details

  • A $50 VALUE!!

This process is essential for a successful remodeling project!