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Media Bio & Info

Jim Molinelli is: 
the Remodeling Professor

In his career as an architect, remodeler, university professor, and author, Jim has helped thousands of families to improve their homes and improve their lives through remodeling.


His two Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke books were both #1 Amazon bestsellers, and each one was also a Gold Medal winner from Reader's Favorite 

His remodeling designs won more than 50 architecture and remodeling excellence awards, and he has been awarded the Maryland Governor’s Citation for Meritorious Service twice. 


Jim has been interviewed and cited in Realtor.com Magazine, Money, Remodeling Magazine, The Washington Times, and the Baltimore Sun among others. His award winning designs and projects have been featured in Chesapeake Home, Builder-Architect Magazine, and on HOUZZ.com, among others.

"Remodeling projects can easily spiral out of control without careful planning and oversight by the homeowner. And when projects go wrong it lowers project quality, increases costs, and can end in lawsuits.

I help homeowners plan and maintain control of their remodeling projects so they get dream results that the love to show off."


Featured in:

Surviving A Home Renovation

A new article that appears in the November 15, 2021 print issue and February 15, 2022 digital issue of Bottom Line Personal by the Remodeling Professor.

The article covers what homeowners should expect in the way of disruptions during a remodel, and ways they can reduce or eliminate some of the disruption. It also dabbles with topics like choosing the right contractor and making project selections. 

See the article HERE.

The Remodeling Professor is interviewed on The Contracting Handbook Podcast

Michael Knoche hosts The Contracting Handbook primarily for up-and-coming builders and remodelers. Jim spoke with Mike about why a well-prepared client is so beneficial to a contractor/builder. They discuss the remodeling industry, costs of work, and how to properly prepare a homeowner for the remodeling process - and other topics from Jim's "REMODEL!" books. 

Listen to the podcast HERE.

Dreaming of a DIY Renovation? How to Remodel ​Without Hurting Your Pride or Your Property

This Daniel Bortz article (posted on September 10, 2020 on Money.com) discusses the upward trend of homeowner DIY projects as a result of Covid-19. 


Jim was interviewed and quoted with regard to homeowners picking projects that were realistically aligned with their skill sets. 

You can read the article HERE.

How to Remodel Your Kitchen for Less than $25K

This article by Alena Savchenko discusses ways for homeowners to do lower cost kitchen remodeling. Jim's interview was the core of the article and he has many quotes included.


The article first was published on the PennyMac Loan Services blog on January 13, 2020.

You can read the article HERE.

Presale Renovations Take Off

This article by Daniel Bortz (Jan-Feb 2020) discusses a new trend to roll presale renovation costs into the sale, paying for them with the sale's proceeds. It's hot and growing, but it's not without risk. Check out Jim's comments on the potential downside of this system.


The article appears on Remodeler.com and in their January/February 2020 print issue.

You can read the article HERE.

Jim Molinelli - the Remodeling Professor on the Property Renovation Podcast

This interview with James Woodham aired on Property Renovation Podcast on 1/20/19. The wide-ranging interview explores the idea of "Selecting Your Ideal Remodeler". 

To listen CLICK HERE To watch on YouTube CLICK HERE

7 Insider Tips for Finding a Contractor When Everyone is Racing to Renovate Their Homes

This article by Jamie Wiebe (in the 7/2/18 issue of Realtor.com Magazine) features a number of tips and comments by Jim that help readers find the "right" remodeler!

To read the article CLICK HERE

Airy and Earthy: A drab bathroom gets a thoughtful makeover

This article by Julekha Dash (1/25/15) features one of Jim's original designs for a custom master bathroom that had just won a major remodeling award.

The article includes a link to the photo gallery. The article appeared in both the Baltimore Sun and Chesapeake Home magazine. 

To read the article CLICK HERE

Cover Feature - Award-winning project

This 2014 award-winning project for a whole-home remodel (including the kitchen and the sunroom addition shown in the photo) was also featured inside, detailing the award it won. This was the February 2015 issue of Chesapeake Home Magazine. Sadly, they ceased publications in 2016.


The owners were students in Jim's live remodeling class.

Read the project story and see photos HERE.

Sales Aid or Hindrance?: How Remodelers Are Using the Cost vs. Value Report in the Slow Economy

I was one of three remodelers that Remodeling Magazine asked to write a piece on how we applied their revolutionary annual Cost Versus Value Report while remodeling. (11/8/2010)


You can see the digital page of the original article HERE.

A 2nd unrelated use of this post can be found HERE.

To read the original article CLICK HERE

Shop Talk:
Cool tools, great books, and news you can use

This regular Sunday column by Anne Hammock of the Florida Times Union featured my book Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke on 3/24/17.

In her BOOK OF THE WEEK section, she accurately represents the book's content and closes with a quote calling Remodel!: "the missing link between your remodeling ideas and the finished product".

To read the article CLICK HERE

Sprucing to sell, but how much to do?

This Washington Times Home & Living Section cover article by Lisa Rauschart (1/7/11) delves into the title subject. Jim was one of her industry experts interviewed and quoted in the piece.

To read the article CLICK HERE

From tract to treasure: An Epping Forest home transformation

This is a Baltimore Sun story (by Deborah Huso) about a unique remodeling project I collaborated on, and for which I won a design and remodeling award for the interior staircase solution.


This appeared in the Sunday Real Estate section on 11/21/14.

To read the article CLICK HERE


  • Ph.D. in Architecture from Texas A&M University (1996)

  • Licensed Residential Architect since 1986 (Maryland)

  • Design Build Remodeler from 1993 until 2019 (Architecture, Sales & Estimating)

  • Architecture Professor at Texas A&M University (1989 - 1993)

  • Architecture & Remodeling (1993 - 2018)

    Full-time remodeling design, estimating, sales.

  • Architectural Design & Remodeling Awards 

    Jim's original designs won more than 50 different local and regional architectural design and remodeling awards between 1995 and 2015

  • Maryland Improvement Contractors Association 

    President (5 years), VP (3 Years), Board Member (5 years)

  • Create/Teach "Prepare to Remodel" Classes 2002 - 2017 at HCC

  • State of Maryland GOVERNOR'S CITATION Recipient 

    2006 & 2016. For meritorious service to the remodeling industry and the people of Maryland

  • Bestselling Author - two Amazon #1 bestsellers:

    Remodel ! Without Going Bonkers or Broke  (2017)  Gold Medal Winner
    Remodel Your Kitchen! Without Going Bonkers or Broke  (2021)  Gold Medal Winner

  • Molinelli Designs - architectural services & consulting (1983 - 2019)

  • Jim Molinelli LLC - the Remodeling Professor

    Remodeling education for homeowners (2017 - Present)


Allen Kitchen Addition & Remodel (2004) Silver Merit Award

Harriss Historic Kitchen Remodel (2004) Remodeler of the Year (x2)

Dearborn Addition & Remodel (2005) Remodeler of the Year

Anderson 2nd Floor Addition (2008) Remodeler of the Year

Clark Kitchen Remodel (2010) Remodeler of the Year

Israel Micro-Addition & Kitchen (2011) Silver Merit Award

Christmas Whole Home Remodel (2013) Remodeler of the Year

Rabin Project (w/ Custom Staircase (2013)  Remodeler of the Year

Bodziak Kitchen Addition & Remodel (2014) Silver Merit Award

Greenough Whole-home Remodel (2014) Remodeler of the Year

Bates Master Bath Remodel (2014) Remodeler of the Year

Custom Mudroom Entry Cubby (2014) 

Izenberg Open Concept Kitchen Remodel (2015) 

Project Copyright Information

The projects above are selected original architectural designs by Jim. The links go to HOUZZ.com where they appear on the page of ARDO Contracting Inc. of Columbia, Maryland who was the remodeler who constructed the projects. All images are copyright Alain Jaramillo and may only be used with his written permission.